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Christmas Present Ideas - Toys for Boys age 3 to 5

At we have a great selection of Christmas present ideas for boys aged 3 to 5 years old.

At this age many boys are getting into construction, language and maths remain core skills to develop. Wooden toys remain great options and role play is still a key tool for children to learn about the world around them at this age.

Janod make some lovely wooden construction toys including a beautiful rocket and aeroplane. See all of the Janod range.

Janod Magnetic Wooden Rocket 
 Janod Magnetic Wooden Rocket £14.95 Buy Now

Automoblox are just the coolest wooden cars bar none. Not only are they beautiful, they are designed by child psychologists to be educational too. The cars can be disassembled and re-assembled and include colour coding and shape matching joints. Join pieces from more than one car to create you own unique designs.

See the whole  Automoblox range here.

Automoblox X9X Sport Utility 
 Automoblox X9X Sport Utility £24.95 Buy Now

All boys love Pirates and there is no better wooden hulled pirate vessel than the  Paragon Pirate Ship Paragon Pirate Ship 
 Paragon Pirate Ship £39.95 Buy Now

Djeco have a lovely range of wooden cars and this great wooden garage.

See our full range of Djeco wooden toys.

Dejco - My Garage 
 Dejco - My Garage £49.95 Buy Now

Encouraging an interest in music is important at this age and the Melissa & Doug - Wooden Band in a Box Set is a lovely full set of instruments. The  Melissa & Doug - Learn to Play Piano is slightly more advanced and comes with a great beginners guide.

View a full set of wooden toys from Melissa And Doug

Melissa & Doug - Learn to Play Piano 
 Melissa & Doug - Learn to Play Piano £49.95 Buy Now

Melissa & Doug - Wooden Band in a Box Set 
 Melissa & Doug - Wooden Band in a Box Set £19.95 Buy Now

Superstructs are used in many schools as they do help children learn about engineering in an engaging fashion.

See the full  Superstructs range here.

Superstructs - Flight Set 
Superstructs - Flight Set £39.95 Buy Now 



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