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Christmas Present Ideas - Toys for Boys

At we have a great selection of Christmas present ideas for boys aged 5 to 10.

At this age many boys are interested in electronics and gadgets. We some super electronics kits. Cambridge Brainbox are great and tie in to the national curriculum.

 Cambridge Brainbox Electronics Kits 
 Cambridge Brainbox Electronic Kits 
 £9.95 to £59.95

Logiblocs are terrific sets based around components and logic gates that can be mixed to create some great projects.
 Logiblocs - Alarm Tech
 Logiblocs Electronics kits  £14.95 to £59.95

To get them building and playing out of doors you cannot beat the Berg Moov. A giant wooden Meccano set from which you can build scooters, bikes, go-karts and more.

 Berg Moov Advanced 7in1 Kit 
 Berg Moov Advanced 7in1 Kit £179.00
 Berg Moov   Berg Moov Starter 3in1 Kit 
 Berg Moov Starter 3in1 Kit  £129.00 
 Berg Moov   Berg Moov Street 10in1 Kit 
 Berg Moov Street 10in1 Kit £219.00

For boys with an artistic leaning try an artists sketch pad with oil pastels from Eeboo.

Oil Pastels & Sketchbook - Boat Ride
Oil Pastels & Sketchbook - Boat Ride £11.95


Now that Geomag is no longer manufactured  Supermag is the hottest magnetic construction set on the market. Sets in all sizes and prices are available and the pirces have been redesigned for safety.

Tryron Supermag - 46 Wheels & Pieces 
 Tryron Supermag - 46 Wheels & Pieces £22.95

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Kids love marbles and building stuff, The Quercetti Roller Coaster marble runs combine both of these obsessions in one fantastic toy. The sets with motorised elevators can be set up to constantly re-load the marbles at the start of the run for perpetual marble madness.
Quercetti Skyrail Rollercoaster 5 with motorised elevator 
 Quercetti Skyrail Rollercoaster 5 with motorised elevator  £29.95 Buy Now
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There ais a great range of K'Nex toys for older boys this year including the K'Nex Amusement Park rides and the new K'Nex Moto-Bots.
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K'nex Moto-Bots Turbo 
 K'nex Moto-Bots Turbo £29.95 Buy Now

Technokits from Interplay are great little kits at a very affordable pricepoint. Fun to put together,educational and great fun to play with.
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 Technokit Hovercraft 
 Technokit Hovercraft £14.95 Buy Now

Tech card kits are a new range of great value construction sets with a technical edge. Choose from power racers, power bots and other power items. The Power Bots are like minature Robot Wars contestants.
Power Racers - Rough Roader 
 Power Racers - Rough Roader £8.95 Buy Now
Totem by KidsOnRoof are a range of models made from recycled paper. Beautifully designed and printed they can be built in a number of variations.

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Totem Spider 
 Totem Spider £8.95 Buy Now

Puppets will always be popular with children and we have a range of make and play puppets from Crafty Kids. Great fun designs including a dragon, a horse, a bear and a spider - perfect for scaring little sister.
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Puppet Kit - Dinosaur 
 Puppet Kit - Dinosaur £11.95 Buy Now
'Shiver me timbers' - it may be a bit late for Talk Like A Pirate Day but you can still buy a pirate sailing ship.
Pond Yacht - Pirate 8" Chubby 
 Pond Yacht - Pirate 8" Chubby £14.95 Buy Now

We have got tons of games you are unlikely to see on the high street - and they are all brain building games to boot. From the Scrabble-without-a-board Banagrams, to the Brainbox Quiz games, and load from the fantastic Thinkfun.

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 Ingenious £19.95 Buy Now
 Green Board Games 
 Qwirkle £19.95 Buy Now
 Traffic Control - Airport 
 Traffic Control - Airport £15.95 Buy Now

We have a great range of jigsaws including the 'Horrible Histories' and 'Horrible Science' jigsaws from Galt
Horrible Histories Jigsaw - Rotten Romans 
 Horrible Histories Jigsaw - Rotten Romans £7.95 Buy Now

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