Childrens' Christmas Presents

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Educational Christmas Present Ideas

At we have a great selection of Educational Christmas presents ideas for boys and girls.

Berg Moov   Berg Moov Street 10in1 Kit 

We believe an educational Xmas present is one that allows children to use their own mind when playing, whether that is an instructional or developmental game or just a role play toy.

Wooden Christmas Presents

Click here to see our full range of wooden Christmas gits for kids.

There is something about the traditional feel of wooden toys that makes them ideal as educational Christmas presents. At kidEstore we have a range of wooden toys and you are bound to find a wooden toy that is perfect for that special child.

Automoblox wooden car - a green 4x4

From the Berg Moov giant ride on toy construction set, to Automoblox cars and lots in between we have a massive selection of perfect wooden Christmas gifts.


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